Internet Safety    Quick Escape
Internet Safety Quick Escape

Youth Program

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programs_youthprogram_dostSAHARA encourages youth to be agents of change. Youth are uniquely positioned to engage their peers, family, and the broader South Asian community in discussions and to take action on pertinent social justice issues. SAHARA offers tools and resources with the goal of equipping the next generation of leaders to challenge the status quo and positively impact their communities.

Youth Summit

programs_education_ahbinetriThis six-week summer program provides an opportunity for youth to discuss and learn about social justice topics including discrimination, cultural identity, and healthy relationships. At the end of the session, youth will lead a summit and spark an ongoing dialogue with the community about their learnings, insights, and action plan for social change.


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If you are concerned about internet and browser safety, you have two options:

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The procedure is different for each browser, but this article provides instructions on erasing your history and using private browsing for all the major internet browsers out there (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer).