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Internet Safety Quick Escape

Domestic Abuse

programs_valentinesThe awareness that every relationship is unique informs our response to those experiencing domestic abuse. SAHARA provides a safety net of services to support individuals and families impacted by violence as they heal from its traumatic effects and gain a sense of power. Safety, mental health, legal, educational, and housing needs are addressed through a trauma-informed lens and holistic care approach. Above all, we aim to facilitate and honor each individual’s process towards self-sufficiency.

Community engagement and education activities are scheduled throughout the year with the goal of breaking intergenerational cycles of abuse. Acknowledging that communities play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of all of its members, we seek the assistance of our community in sharing the message of non-violence.


programs_shelterSAHARA provides safe haven at its transitional living home. This specially designed environment offers the added comfort of separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking areas to accommodate important South Asian cultural and religious food needs. While individuals reside in the shelter, an individualized care plan is developed to address concerns around safety, health, legal, and income. With immediate safe housing needs resolved, participants can begin to rebuild their lives.

See our Shelter Wish List on the Donate page.

Legal Services

programs_legalservicesWith an urgent focus on safety, participants may receive assistance in obtaining restraining orders or securing custody of children in danger. As each individual determines their long-term goals, our legal services can also include divorce and support for obtaining proper immigration status.

Misinformation about the South Asian community has led to increased incidents of bias and discrimination, which further intensify mistrust of government and law enforcement. This has resulted in difficulty seeking assistance from local authorities. SAHARA’s advocacy activities provide confidential counsel regarding legal rights and potential remedies to create more equitable access to the justice system.


Paa_fatherCounseling and psychotherapy is offered to facilitate the process of emotional wellness. SAHARA provides a space for individuals to address the trauma of abuse, build confidence, cope with stressors, and learn to communicate effectively.

Individual, couple, family, and group sessions promote health and well-being. Issues such as changing family dynamics and financial and cultural pressures are often addressed. In addition, support groups and workshops create an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, further emphasizing that “you are not alone.”

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