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Each year, the GALA brings community members, sponsors, donors, and supporters to celebrate and raise unrestricted funds for SAHARA’s programs and services. This festive evening includes dinner, entertainment, live and silent auctions, and other opportunities to contribute. For additional GALA information, please click here.

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2 months ago
The Particular Cruelty of Domestic Violence

"Domestic violence is like no other crime. It does not happen in a vacuum. It does not happen because someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Homes and families are supposed to be sacred ... See more

America’s broken legal system, combined with cultural beliefs about family, pressures women to stay in violent, dangerous marriages.

2 months ago

SAHARA's Executive Director, Marilyn Neece facilitated Showbiz India's Mental Health Focus Group with South Asian Youth! The group discussed the factors that affect the mental health of youth in our ... See more

Showbiz India TV collaborated with the LA County Dpt of Mental Health for a focus group with the South Asian Youth on the subject of Mental Health. The group...

2 months ago
Recovering From Isolation - Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Leaving an abusive relationship is empowering, takes strength, and means you are a survivor. You made it out, you are free, and now you can go back to who you were before the abuse. Unfortunately ... See more

By Rebecca Lynn According to Speak Out Loud, isolation is a tactic abusers use to weaken and control their victims. When the victim is isolated from outside influences, their belief and acceptance in ... See more

3 months ago
South Asian Americans Leading Together

We are devastated to learn of the death of Gurupreet Kaur, a 6 year old Indian girl who’s body was found in the Arizona desert.

She died after crossing the U.S - Mexico border.

The range of ... See more

3 months ago
Five ways you can break up with toxic behaviour

Every day we have the opportunity to be a champion for gender equality, in big and small ways. And some days, many of us slip when we don’t pay attention to our own attitudes and actions that boost ... See more

From the words we use at work or with our loved ones to the assumptions we make about strangers, we can all be better at promoting…

3 months ago
‘Why Didn't You Just Leave?' Six Domestic Violence Survivors Explain Why It's Never That Simple

It’s the question every survivor of domestic violence is posed, often incredulously: Why didn’t you just leave? The reality is that leaving an abusive relationship is often a herculean task that ... See more

Family Read Lisette’s story » Isolation Read...

3 months ago

We are looking for South Asians between the ages of 18-29 to participate in a focus group on Mental Health Awareness. The discussion will take place this Saturday, June 1st from 11am-1pm at our ... See more

3 months ago
‘Bengali Harlem’ documentary explores an early wave of South Asian immigration

"They would spend hours and hours in the belly of the steamship shoveling coal where the temperatures were over 100 degrees.”

3 months ago
Women, Alcohol and Perceived ‘Sexual Availability’

A new study finds that women who drink alcohol in social settings are seen as more “sexually available” and “less human.”

A new study finds that women who drink alcohol in social settings are seen as more “sexually available” and “less human.”

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  1. Erase your browsing history after visiting this site.
  2. Use private browsing or incognito mode to browse this site so the visit is not logged in your history.

The procedure is different for each browser, but this article provides instructions on erasing your history and using private browsing for all the major internet browsers out there (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer).